Never Trust A Man Again

There's a girl that i used to know
And she loved me so
Suddenly she let go
I guess you should know
Now she's in your arms
Your kiss is on her hands
And your ring's on her finger
And you'll get to have and to hold
Her body and soul
I'll never trust another man again

Cause you're the one who made her believe
You're better than the rest
And you told her that she
Was the girl in distress
You'd build her a castle in a far away land
Do everything that i can't
And now that she's gone
So from this day on
I'll never trust another man again

( 1 )
Maybe in time i can forgive
But i can never forget
I've been hurt so bad
Don't ask me to believe
Cause that word is dead
And don't ask me to understand
I'll never trust another man again

I guess you'll never know how it feels
To feel like i do
Having trusted my life to someone like you
Don't you play with her heart
Like you did with my mind
When you told me that good friends were harder to find
Was i blind to know that in time
I'll never trust another man again

( repeat 1 )

And maybe she should know
That i loved her so
And that i'll never trust another woman again

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