Too Phat (G. Brown & Illegal / Malique & Joe Flizzow)

Too Phat Baby

Too phat, Ruffedge
All you've got Too Phat, Ruffedge yeah yeah

Too Phat... Too Phat baby
Too Phat... Too Phat baby

(Verse 1)
You see my pockets never held scrilla for realla
I usta freestyle for cheap thriller well that was nuttin' but a time killer
My time filler, 'cause rappin' made my mind chiller
Well back then who knew Nina was a 9 miler
I tried to figure out the slangs that I listen
and disregarded the gangs that was dissin'
I never asked 'em to bounce wit' me
But tell me why they always frontin' wit a frown wit me ?
Was it because the beats and sounds I bumped to were different ?
Or was it just the baggy fashion I flashed 'em ?
Wore my cap pushed 45 degrees to the side
And let my pants sag braggin' how I'm kickin' it live
Been talkin' in slangs and always get dissed for that
But now I'm rockin' shows and always get kissed for that
It's strange now everybody wanna be my friend
Gurls change but I'm Malique the man from back then

Too Phat... Too Phat
Too Phat baby
We don't rhyme for cheddar
We don't rhyme for fame
Too Phat... Too Phat
Too Phat baby
Keep your body bumpin'
With the sounds that we make

(Verse 2)
(Joe Flizzow)
Ay by this time you know that I'm just too hot to handle
Makin flyer tunes wit' beats that be sampled
Bam... I hit you wit' the slow jam
Too Phat, Ruffedge man we cooler than the gang
Joe Flizzow I pack machismo
and stun a fly hizzoe when I grab the mic gizmo at a shizzow
Bef'zo huh, it was a crying shame
When I was yet a playa 'cause there was yet a game
See me 24/7 doin' the same old thangs
Me and my scandalous partners mackin' dumbest dames
But now in '99, only see me bawlin'
I stand tall cause I got sick of crawlin'
When all 'em cats wanna be a star
Fly skirts tryina ring me on my Nokia
Don't trip when I try to show your boo my bed
'Cause I'm Too Phat, baby... 'nuff said

(repeat chorus)

(Verse 3) Ay ay ay ay guess what ? (wuwut ?) I'm not a playa I just rap a lot
I brag a lot and hug alotta those that chat a lot
They say I pack alotta mack and always crap a lot
Yap and nag a lot so when I rap ay dont expect a lot
Piggedy pop pop I dare you to stop it huh, whenever I drop it huh
Hip-hop at the top, you label it pop, but still unable to knock it
Unable to block it, my rocket raps are harder to follow,
are harder to swallow, damn I got crazy skillz

(repeat chorus)

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