Too Phat (G-Soul / Too Phat & Naughtius Maximus & Fiquetional)

Skoo The Nonsense

(verse 1) (Mista Rem)
huh, would i just be comin at you wit this brand new millenium track
uh, hangin out wit the homies from this clique called too phat, just...
chillin wit the homies all the way, at the back where is my bottle of cognac ?
we're comin at you wit you this brand new mode of attack
let my membiz blast that, you fumble ? oh well takpelah
KL hip-hop finest let me kick it in the rumah
tell me whats the padah? forget my salasilah
ku tak kalah when my peeps terasa gundah
save the last hurrah, not dat puitis over my hujah
poyo can blah wit non-sensical bla bla
never miss when i diss sampai mati pun tak sudah
MVP never never gelabah
(Mista Rem)
naah, never gelabah, mati pun tak sudah
you know you'll be like, ooo kenapa dia tu banyak la gila ?
would he have been some sorta freakin tamil tiger ?
or he be some tactical military type of guerilla ?
now i be comin wit the plutonium
i got this big fat shield made outta titanium
now youll be, joe, protect me from the galactic bear, yogi b...hahai :P

(chorus) mama se mama sa mama makusa (8X)

(verse 2)
jelo jelo check this now
ichi ni sang yong gok loku nana
grab the mic device and make the crowd go bananas
here to sana, ghana to mana-mana
they call me Slique the mista smoother than santana
hana, my gurlie, she always gettin jealous
after shows gurlies, they wanna rub my pelvis
like elvis, presley, chicks tryina impress me
shakin giant tits thats more bigger than they ass be
call me grand dada so imma call 'em cucu
clockin boos from pudu to honolulu
hoo hoo ha ha, nana goo goo ga ga
im the type of keko thatll call a boo muchacha
the 5 foot sixer, mister kisser
explore your sister like alta vista
(Mista Rem: but you rappin mushy rhymes ?) yeah, the honeys love it
the gurlies buy the cd's, the boys dubb it

(repeat chorus)

(verse 3)
(fiquetion of fbt)
It was just a dream /but now this all star cast is a team
Skooin others nonsense presently is our scheme / don't even consider it
Returnin replies to this theme / Cant you understand ?
Ami Chotto kay onek posondho koree and
Ak thappor mere shoja korbo
Unless u cut that act out or I'll react with a bo-mo-h / Oh no !!
You cry out loud but its too late
I skooed up your system cuz you sayd ish that don't relate
Nothing's impossible heres subliminal messages
Peoples feelin threatened / We blitzkriegin passages
And pathways that spells out the word "keluar disini"
But I suggest you pull out from the picture do you dig me ?
(Malique: no prolem joe say what you gotta say)
(Joe Flizzow)
leng chai leng lui kor lei yat chan
lei tei mo to ngo so
lei tei chi to ngo hai pin kor
mo kom kam tor fai wa
sek mo chow fai tit sau seng

(repeat chorus)

(verse 3)
(Joe Flizzow)
skoo the nonsense i pierce to your ears like brosnan
demanding cheers from peers while you gunnin endorsements
buggin enforcements wit my lyrical offence
be potent , joe flizzow never forgotten
remain in your brain like a corpse in a coffin
extortin respect from your tricks who be talkin nonsense
drop three verses i reply wit one sentence, hah
now you seekin repentence
i came to spread my love to all the fam across the world
reach out to you touch the hearts of all the boys and gurls
first borne, fiquetional and im the super gal
like sexin emcees like i was searchin for pearls
high status emceein, givin mischievous muscle those
i be beatin cause you cheatin
stealin immortal styles of rhymes cant create a sentence
thats an educational crime
(G from Da Joint)
me no maximilian me nor jamaican
rudeboy g ruffnecka stallion
me no maximilian me nor jamaican
rudeboy g kl stallion
(?) activist of the lyrical extrimist
riggedy ruffa stallion of the logical mist
mana, champion of the emcee fest
poppa ragga muffin combination too phat clique ya

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