Too Phat (Babyface & D. Simmons / Too Phat)

My, My, My

Put on your red dress
And slip on your high heels
And some of that sweet perfume
It surely smells good on you
My, My, My, My, My
You sure look...
My, My, My, My, My
You sure look...

(verse 1)
(Joe Flizzow)
Boo I see you smiling that look in your eyes tells me you wanna get freaky
No time for frontin' drop your robe and jump in the jaccuzi
We could be watching a movie, eating chinese or whateva eva...
My main concern is what goes on in the bedroom later
Now do me a fvaour close your eyes while I turn off the lights
I got candles, Moet to make sure that you be treated right uh...
I'ma rub ya back nibble ya ears be whisperin nothins
I can't believe my, my my that that this be happening
Now can you fell my touch, Am i talkin to much
Lickin chocolate fudge off ya belly while you in my clucth
Now can i hit that, Boo just kick back
Big Joe's by ya side best believe that

My, My, My, My ,My, My, My
You sure look good tonight
You're so damn fine, I wanna say
My, My, My, My ,My, My, My
You sure look good tonight
After all this time

(verse 2)
Knick knack paddywack now give this dawg a bone
I love it when you call me tellin' me you home alone
I love your dirty talkin' on the telephone
and when you kick it off it kinda get me blown
My chrome has grown, I gotsta roam
And when I bless your home you better be alone boo
Red dress, wear less, bare chest I guess be the best dress
oh yes, I stress no less your mass be the best
I make you wanna go "ugh ugh" like your name P
Never say no you know how the game be
Rock you then bye baby see ya maybe
and never call me when you five wit' my baby
Oh chill, I'm playin hold still I'm sayin'
all this so plain so quit delayin'
your games and all wanna play me like you shame and all
I couldn't tame and all but if you dont know ask your friends and all
one night stands and all, skoo they mans and all, who got stamina ?

(repeat chorus)

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