Too Phat (G-Soul / Malique & Joe Flizzow)

Lil' Fingaz

(verse 1)
Some people like to say hello, some people say whuttup
Some people like to playa hate but I just shuttup
'cause I've had enough of share of nonsense from him and him
that I just dont give a heck like I was Eminem
It's feminine to playa hate and plus it's all a sin
You talkin' bad behind in front you actin' innocent
These foul men should get slapped at like tamborines
but I just smile clap clap and never give a damn
'cause I'm the man inclined to pretty gurls and pretty thangs
You just a playa rookie thinkin' that you veteran
You carry two celly phones but they never ring
No women wanna call in because you're boring
You're such a bore black, but you think you all that
It's all fact, where they all at and you stroll at, you get sworn at
A born mackadamian he would never hate another figure
Well even if you did keko, I'ma see you later

Chitty bang bang chitty bang bang
Throw your lil' fingaz up in the air and
Shake your derriere and start dancin'
Just do your thang and swang swang

Have you got your lil'fingaz in the air ? say
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Now wave 'em around like you just don't care
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

( verse 2)
(Joe Flizzow)
No punctuation in your conversation
Skip your playa hation I'm the latest sensation to hit 'em radio stations
From the underground town biggedy bow down
Jiggedy Joe done did it again, what now clown ?
Whuttup keko check your seiko you hear my echo
You know you know what time it is, it's time to checka
I'm flowing the phattest.. .mmm... maddest... mmm I'm the baddest
Check my status flow splatters is all that matters
Whatever the deal is, tell me you feel this
Malique and Joe we come correct in this b'nez
You dont amaze me wit' your brand new Proton
Your pockets cheesy nah that dont make you the don
So stop laughin' at me like I was a hooligan
'fo my lil' finga make you won't do it again
If you ain't with me now where the heck you been
I pack 'em skillz for real and blow up the scene

(repeat chorus)

(verse 3)
Aiyo I met a big booty-babaloola baby bubba gurlie
She cooler than a water cooler hair was semi-curly
Her name was Shirley, a look-a-like of Liz Hurley
She early 20's and spoke Malay poorly
What the heck aiyo we coversated well in English
She half Swiss and got more money Martina Hingis
Yeah I made her my shorty like Simon Birch
and realized it ain't worth to flirt wit' other skirts
One day I had to go studio
I called Joe he was sick so it was cool tho'
I told my gurlie Shirley see your here tomorrow
and here some Tupac for you to borrow
But that night aiyo I split kinda early
Something was itchy so I dropped by at Shirley's
But guess what as I twist open the do' knob
I saw pretty lady flippin' Joe well oh God !
Get out in the count of ten, this figure done did it again
Why should I go bang bang like biggedy bang
(Whatcha do about the misdemeanour)
I just smiled, 'cause I don't really give a

Ke Halaman Utama

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