Too Phat (Too Phat / Malique & Joe Flizzow)

Give It Up

(verse 1)
aiyo gurl this tune here is umm, a dedication
you say my macks wack im chill im still patient
you always alone strolls are solitary
you stand out and look crazy deboinary
stompin your Tim boots, baby ts big jeans and all
walkin so fast like you got mad stamina
i try to slow you down when you come around
feel like a clown when you smile gimme no sound
fly style and profile like a goddess
even the freaks admit that you tha hottest
thats why i creep like t-boz, left eye and chilli
straight up and down baby gurl whats the real dilly ?
do respond no intention to petrify
why complicate something when you can simplify
now start talkin then imma stop hawkin
give it up, grab my hand and keep walkin

(Liyana & Damien)
its about time that you quit quit now
recognize game and give it up
its about time that you quit quit now
recognize game and give it up

(verse 2)
aiyo my potna in rhyme skip all the nickle and dimes
skirts nowadays concerned with dolla signs
see a phat rizide, tryina wink an ezye
parlay punany swaying like dolomizite
(joe we might be broke but still got them panties soaked
playa haters provoke, choke and get smoked)
loc enuf spoke now sip a coke and take note
it may sound funny but it aint no joke
i usta float the love boat with this gurl boo
but now she steady frontin cold like igloo
aiyo baby boo i just wanna be with you
i want you to stick to me like supa dupa glue
got my own boo but goddamn i want you too
yohoo biggedy booboo lemme shoo dem foos with ma moo moo kung fu
not to wong fu but a princess whos always on my mind
give it up gurl... we runnin outta time

(repeat chorus)

(verse 3)
i heard alotta dem figures (niggaz) is snitches (bitches) too
so imma tell a story bout this kid i knew
congratulations dogg on the PhD
now your specialty is playa hatin me
you be shakin my hand malique potna wassup witchoo ?
but when im gone you be dissin my crew
yappin dem boos, malique is kinda bad for you health
he only wants your pearl tongue and planna lick all your wealth
the playa wanna mash, but aint really finesse... huh ?
he wanna mess, caress and undress
nevertheless you stress he puff grass so best pass
before he crash your flesh and plan a cash dash
god bless, yeah all the best dogg, but whacha lie fo ?
your fly clothes aint attractin no fly gurls ?
you like her?she want me, i m sorry its too late
now blow me a kiss why must you playa hate ?
oh wait, before i forget i best start tellin
that doggs like you will neva make it to heaven
so give it up snitch... thats rite and give it up now
its all good but you still wanna play foul ?

(repeat chorus)

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