Song Of Lost Love

When I was young I didn't care for love songs
I thought all that despair was just for show
But I had never felt a broken heart in those days
You have to feel it for yourself to know

I used to think the blues was all self-pity
I used to think that love was just a game
But now I know the game is more like war when you lose
And now self-pity is my middle name

A sigh is just a sigh
A kiss is just a kiss
And if you believe that
You are not prepared for this

'Cause this is a song of lost love and heartbreak
For all those who've been put back on the shelf
And just in case you don't feel like feeling sorry for me
Hope you don't mind while I feel sorry for myself

With all the problems in the world to sing of
I have some nerve to sing about my own
My problems seem a bit worse then the rest just right now
Do broken hearts hurt more than broken bones

This song is not for those who haven't got a care
It's for those of us who have only blues to share

This is a song of lost love and heartbreak
For those who've been left hanging out to dry
And just in case you don't have some extra tears to shade for me
Well you can borrow some of these here in my eyes

I tried to sing a happy song
I'll be damned if I could
'Cause this song is a song of love
And love ain't always good

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