And For You

Goddess of kindness
Goddess of guilty
Things don't quite balanced in you
Why is the sun overshadowed by the rain

You give us moments that thrill to the marrow
You give us joy then you take it away
Memories are nice but not the same

Love is blind
And in blindness we wait
For the light
I'm your slave one more day

And for you
I have traveled around the universe
And for you
I've surrendered all of my pride
And for you
I have struck down many strangers
And for you
Many strangers have been at my side

See the multitudes on your doorstep
Why do so many hang in for you
You bring a new kind of pain everyday

What is this incessant madness
Is it some kind of a test of will
How dare you allow my friends to fail

But they fail
And I see them no more
Yes the fail

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