Poetic Ammo (feat. James@Ronin)

We Hit Em' Up Too

( break 1 2X )
It's about the time why don't you tell em why, why
(It's about that time, I'm gonna ell em why?)
It's about the time why don't you tell em why, why, why

( YOGI B )
First up waxed your ass in a freestyle battle
Punk snakes like you wanna bite but just rattle
Remember the time we met in 7 eleven
Giving' me love and you're hugging' on these nut you be rubbing'
Punk shorty I kept you on the same level
You had to be greedy and play me out like a little devil
Let the Underground know the kind of witch you really
You'll sell your own ass to be a superstar
What? Now you got a family so tight
Same people you diss every other night
I guess it's all over now I heard the fat lady sing
Lady sing for drama is all she brings
Gave you a chance for fame and don't you deny it
I should have put your fat mouth a long time on a diet
"Watcha gonna do if I lost weighate?"
I think I'll pass cos I still don't buy it
You wanna know where my fans at ?
All around you in Face On didn't you see dat ?
Believe dat I'm coming back to front you too
Cos back here hell We Hit Em' Up Too

( chorus 2X )
I gave you love but you wanna show me hate
Watcha gonna do when it's too late
It's about the time why don't you tell em' why
Cos back here We Hit Em' Up Too

Read all about it, read all about it uh
Muscle mutt just got dropped
What? Headline's Crying Shame, now everybody know you lame
Your mind and soul's corrupted cos you punks want fame
I see you hearts filled with jealousy
You hoochie has dripping' envy so you drop that backstabbing treachery
Comin' up sayin' that you mad skills
But all I see is cheap ego thrills wack rhymes with no frills
So what the heck is moshy moshy coochie baby ?
Now that shit sounds silly your dribbling don't impress me
Claimin' that you top freestyler
Your style's retro like Bonnie Tyler
You dissed my album cover bein' clownish but yours be worse
Cos your shit be lookin' something straight from the circus
For real though now you phat with that lady in your clique
Fake hellos and Dallas like drama now that's your trick
Remember the time we use to chill chattin' on the PC
But now it's just a messed up memory
Now shit went down ain't that a pity
Well it's just too bad baby, nuff said

( chorus 2X )

( C.LOCO )
Hello everybody, I'll like to say I'm sorry
Oops! I lied now here's the real story
We hung out, I helped out, I lent you minus ones
Late nights on the IRC chattin' just for fun
So watcha want? You wanna see what I've seen
I've been where you been, remember SS 15
WE were cool then, you had beef the other peeps and
Now you got an album, you wanna skoo the nonsense ?
Ha! Ha! You see my prominence is imminent
Why you tryin' so hard to be Eminem ?
You visionary? More like fictionary
Shove claimin' to be all dat and suck my dictionary
You used to diss em, but now you kiss em
Deport the double K, fat lady gonna miss em
Now here's the flying line coming from the Hellstar
And if you ain't down then bla bla bla bla

( break 2 )
Hey everybody hope you understand
How I feel cos you dissed me once you had the chance
Make my day if you feel you're half of me
I'm above you so too bad, too bad baby !

( chorus 4X )

( ? )
Its too late Bozos.
You better realize where you standin' now.
Well it's time you've learned your lesson.
But remember with an attitude like that, you ain't goin' nowhere.
I know you dumb enough not to catch my driff.
Cryin' Shame jeopardisin' hip-hop on the headline.
Well people get what they deserve.
Cos we hit em up too. And I'm the ?

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