Poetic Ammo

Something's On

( Break 1 )
Take it down when I'ma take it down
Cause when I'am rock up on the mic to the break of dawn
Something's on, Somethings on and I mean it goes on
Cause when I'm jamming on the mic you feel it going on
( repeat 2X )
I mean brother it just keeps going on
cause when I'm jamming on the mic you really feel it going on !

( YOGI B )
Lock me up in a cage of politic chains you try to contain slain
Those who against the inevetable reign of hip hop
Number 1 MC in tha game
Streets of Malaysia recognize and represent my name
Mad unbelieveable skills
Many be witness to my poetic rhetoric skills
As and when me come you know ah as and when me come
Me swat them fly wannabes in an Asian fashion
Pop, drop yes me be the hip-hop cop
Check your ammo from bottom to top
Pretty boy it don't give me joy to toy with your pride
But disrespect me and I will deploy
Boom..aha-aha beatbox scratch you of like a disc jock
High on my skills and you'll be gone
Tell me now can you feel it there's something's on

( chorus )
If you are that MC's to come and front with me
Then step up step up come on and show me your stuff
Recognize represent wannabe
Point Blanc , C.Loco , Landslyde , Yogi B
From Kuala Lumpur Poetic Ammo hip hoppers get down with me

( C.LOCO )
When I take the time to step on the stage
The crowd's in a rage in your face Something's on
As we break into another song no point in going wrong
In a Positive Tone
No denying Poetic Ammo we're complying
Comin up with hits like the heroes high-flying
Taking no damage from the cheap shots
A magical transformation to hit you on your weak spot

( bridge )
C.Loco,Point Blanc...

Lyrical rage flowin' within my veins I express my pains
Through verbal ecstacy wrapped in emotional chains
Expressin myself to my maximum potential
Dope as lyrics now that's a crucial essential
Flowin' with this instrumental
My skills are as sharp as a dagger penetratin' through solid metal
And when I drop my poetic delivery
Whack MC's starts to tremble and all of them better flee see

( chorus )

( break 2 )
Now here I come (Check baby take me down)
Now here I come (Check baby take me down)
There's somethin' on (Check baby take me down)
It's goin' on (Check baby take me down)

The moment of truth uhh what , where and who
To release belief it's time that I'm comin' thru
With the element of surprise no drama shit and no cries
From my script like the tales from the crypt acquires
Knowledge the challenge to face the change
The dream team comes down to
Trust Sniper to the extreme
And I will all I can be on stage I excel explode
Responsibility is my load I engage
Uncontrolable force within me is the source
Of the friction of my action and my moves
Are the cause , It ain't fiction real life
Mistake no animation give and take never
Evaporate like cactus this is my focus
And I know I emphasis I've been told
My new flow now try this
Maximum spectrum and exxpression from
This section of song Ammo the underdogs
Kuala Lumpur something's on

( chorus )

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