Poetic Ammo

Paid My Dues

( YOGI B )
Oh baby bring it on, Poetic Ammo for the 2G
Landslyde, Point Blanc, C.Loco, Yogi B, Mad Stacz word up

( chorus )
( YOGI B )
The price I pay for the life I choose
I'm ahead of my time, don't you know that, win or lose
In it for the love and don't you confuse
Money, fame and honeys cos I paid dues

( YOGI B )
I'm above it all money, politics, confrontation
Dont you know that my ammunition be poetic
Some forget it, bringin' on static
I take em' all out, the undisputed
Subsonic supreme, now hear the ladies scream
Honeys be like butter so I turn em' to cream
Mad love, nationwide every time I ride
Ammo fans keepin' me feelin' good inside
So I destroy anyone who come tested
Cos I had enough of my development arrested
Now ya bloodsuckers gonna feel my stake
Cos all I wanted was my piece of the cake, son !

( Too much of sacrifice in this game )

Transcendence, when I preach my rhyme with this sentence
You dont wanna mess with Landslyde I got vengeance
Endorsements I be running fast with my horsemen
Now I got bills and its time for me flossin'
Huh ! I'm talkin' 'bout my long-term glory
Whut ! Secured myself my inventory
I would not wanna be in your shoes if it is you
Wannabe's faking the slang you be a fool
Coz you be thinkin' i'll be gone without notice
It's bogus, coz I be still around like George Lucas
The color notes, floats the currency controls
The name, achievement the status unfolds

( chorus 2X )

( break )
( YOGI B )
Pretty boy, me know for a long long time now
You ought to go for yours but you want to go for mine
All your life you find hard to define
How we get em' up, hit em' up and be uh, so superfine

I drop the deadly wordplay strikes ya at your ventricular
Magnetic decibels bursting through them molecular
Structure, False prophet's rapture
Non-believers fracture, credibility I'm a capture
Strombringer the second coming I'm a reign supreme
Prime directives makin' cream, the masses scream
Theoretical, individual, arch-rival
Spittin' venomous rhymes shit be homicidal
Camouflage, Mafioso fam livin' large
Entourage, elusive sight makes mirage
Progressive inclination to a higher state equals troubleshooting
If you smell what Avatar's cookin' !

( chorus 2X )

( Sacrifices, you make sacrifices )

( C.LOCO )
You be expendable, use and abuse you're deletable
Drag your icon to the trash click you're minimal
Virtually non-existent social outcast
Like unknown and ugly mutants scream no contest
Nevermind me as I take what you got
Leftover personality you're lame no matter what
What you're thinkin', I ain't easy to understand
My brain matter complex in command
My Ammo, livin' large update my motto
Just follow, a day at a time never so slow
You dont know, visually engaging cos I'm Loco
You're so so, try to diss me is a no no

( chorus 2X )

( You can't understand us )( 3X )
( You dont understand us )

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