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Itís A Nice Day To Be Alive

( intro )
( YOGI B )
We live in Malaysia. A land which I would say is Paradise.
I tell myself everyday I'm gifted to be born here because
all around the world people are dying fighting over religion,
race, human rights and so on. Say I will loud and proud that
of all earthly riches we have peace and freedom.
All religions and races living prosperously in one place.
And of all technologies we have tradition amd culture.
Something for the souls of our children growing in a
world speeding so selfishly. It's a nice day to be alive.

( chorus )
( SAM )
Bounce your head and get down with us (Understand it)
Throw your hands if your hands if you really must (Cause we demand it)
Just get up stand up don't fuss (You know why)
Tell em why (It's a nice day to be alive)

Ultraviolet beams shinin' bright on my eyes
I realise how daily life could be so nice
If you appreciate (Evaluate and contemplate your fate state)
Uncountable blessings in life which we underrate
(I take a moment lay back reflect detect
All the memorable times that I had in the pack)
Cherishin' family and friends I clasp my hands And gaze the lands surroundin' me
Malaysia land of peace and harmony
Wondrous fabulous things you never realised
Begin to unfold materialise before your eyes
Miraculously enjoyin' tea in the mamak joint
Somethin' in life with a significant point
So I thank God for blessin' me a family
That cares for me mad love for my homies
Everybody gather around the time has arrive now say
It's a nice day to be alive

( chorus )

( C.LOCO )
Are you feeling lucky come and take a chance with me
If you go against me I'm gonna treat you as my enemy
Ill-fated forget it you can't win I'm in
I came out I survived I made it
I've had so much good fortune
A turn for the better for me comes often
(As the sun) Shines and as my life goes on
I give everything I got so you remember this song
I'm thankful that my life's eventful
A blessing in disguise in other words peaceful
There's someone up there who likes me
Lady Luck's with me never gonna flip me
(Reflect on your life don't be amazed
By all the things that the gods did for you)
Take a look outside and see the clear blue sky
It's a nice day to be alive

( chorus )

It's the final journey from earth to heaven
And hell and death and the creep gets to
My head life is just like a trap and my
Heart beats but life is indeed beautiful
But the greed to be alive turns us blind from
That unseen shinning bright light like a
Magnet pulling to the other side so let me
Pray that I will stay alive and knowing
That I gave a fight that's right for my life
Uhh gives me the fright alright
Riskin' and stakin' and playin' you might
Die you'll read the word hell between
Your eyes Death never recognise faces
Religion races if you die dust to dust
And ashes to ashes your cries to save
One single life ain't simple crippled
Mentally when your loved ones dies but I
Realise I will survive in this game
You know why ? Coz it's a nice day to be alive

( Break... )

( YOGI B )
The break of dawn awake I smile with the rising sun
No rat-tat-tat coz no posse here carry a gun
You better run , drug dealer or gangster you be either one
The fun stops when the judge says you be hung
Surprise , surprise that is Malaysia so recognise
Put you in check if you try to mess with my bowl of rice
The price ! of freedom we paid in the past wasn't cheap
So we stand to ban all vice straight No creep
Complain ?!? Be vain in the land of sun and rain
Opportunity in every corner no pain , no gain
Touch my Amma's feet for blessings before I go
Thankful so much for what I got dear Lord me lettin' you know
A Blow ! To homeboys who wannabe gangsters
There's no racial war here calibrate your logic sensor
Torment'ah if your ego fits all size
Realise wake up wise up It's a nice day to be alive

( chorus )

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