Poetic Ammo

Approximate Detonation

( chorus )
REPRESENT all the players recognise
REPRESENT bring the ruckus worldwide
So put your gats on the floor
What the hell for Asian HARDCORE

( repeat 2 )

Introduction sending signals into your head
In this mission satellite dishes transmission
Message to the nation wide people of Malaysia
Asia tune frequency Poetic exposure
The beginning driven by the force and the rage
For ignition detonation Ammo war head
Approximate target destruction like a missile
Guided through the space of sky so versatile
Mission control ready to seek and destroy behold
High altitude 50 thousand feet deploy execute
My ammo eliminate and destroy base demo-
lishion ten four accomplished mission

( C.LOCO )
Approximate detonation time two minutes
It's Loco the Wizard now ready to pass sentence
Guilty for abusing hip hop to the max
And if you gimme that shit (pump pump that ass)
Who the boss comin' with the force to attack
Live and die for hip hop All you posers step back
(Now I wanna know) where the people who claimed they were friends
When I'm down they were gone now they come back again

It's like the mind of soldiers to command
And conquer we're the bomber
You better be a good runner
It's the gunner top of the skyscraper
Infra-red straight to the forehead sniper checkmate

Chromatic microphones I grabs in my hand spells the coming'
The yellow skinned assassin executin'
Rhymes from my inner soul expressions define
My lifestyles what I go through in 16 lines
Enter my mental capacity my Asian nationality
Bringin' the ruckus like catastrophes
Expertise my faith in Jesus
Religious harmonies so tight so believe us

( chorus )

Like Wong Fei Hong I'm the Chinaman miracle
Represent my culture my homeland in my lyrical
Styles unleashin' pure Asian hardcore flava'
Strictly for the real recognise if you a playa'
The Eastern contender poetic assaulter
Point Blanc the yellow dagger comin' as danger to dramacydal
Hypocritical punks (You do what ?)
A breaka breaka breaka em' off in chunks

( C.LOCO )
One zero the score Ammo with the upper hand
Maximum detonation now we're in command
Mind bender step to the clock ticking down
The bomb explodes now we hold the crown
Never be the poser looking like a loser
You're not from America (You're from Malaysia)
Move poetic poetry in effect
To whom it may concern The Empire Strikes Back

( chorus )

( YOGI B )
Get up stand up people of Malaysia Understand
I bring the truth from the land
Of my father forefather supreme kingdom of gold
The untold , great science of the soul
Mad domain of concentration I enter
Mother nature be my mentor
Scripture literature deathless in time
Ancient prophets conclude reality in rhyme
MC's we be of a higher degree
Transcendin' revolutions of authority
Beyond and higher than technology
Mankind's one and only hope for true sanity
So recognise your tradition mission
Represent what you are be real now listen
In the heart of Malaysia streets of Kuala Lumpur
Ancient skills of hip hop Poetic be my Ammo

( chorus )

Sumbangan Yanti Os'HaRa

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