Ivyan is so strong
She bought a life and she wants to carve with a knife
She got her friend but still got no plan
Stay at home wishing upon her teeny angel
Her vision is bright cause she fight for her right
And she wanna prove her dream will come true

She say she could float above in the sky
Just like the crow in the grey sky
The butterfly
She say she could skip up above in the sky
N just like the hawk in the blue sky
The dragonfly
Angels in god's sky / alien in dark skies
Or maybe you're high
Baby only in cartoon
Maybe only in cartoon

She paid the risk
Cause / and she wanna look for her very last kiss
Now she got her own bands
But she still no fan / name
Trap at home
Wishing upon her teenage angels
Her vision is tight
She's been reading all night
And she wanna prove / make her dream a come true

O she wanna play in her own world
Just like the dwarfs in the little land
The wizard's invention
O she wanna play in her own world
Just like the gnomes in their tiny land
The nelwyn's creation
Nelwyns in homeland / gremlins in home land
O don't you understand

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