Liza Hanim

Best Of You

She tells you, you're not good enough to be
The kind of man who is always in her dreams
Someone who'll always buy her things
Fancy car and rings

So you're not sure you're good enough to be
The kind of man she says you should be
But thatís because she doesnít see
The you I've always seen
The kind and gentle friend you're always been

( chorus )
Please tell me how to set you free
From things you are not meant to be
Your strength will shine for all to see
If you could only see the best of you through me ( 2X )
Because the best of you brings out the best in me

If only you could give your heart to me
With you, there's really where I want to be
Someone who'll hold you through the night
Make everything alright
You and I, thatís how it's meant to be

Did you know you're special ?
In a way, you never know
All you have to do is listen
What your heart is really trying to tell you
It's up to you

( repeat chorus 2X )

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