What If She Knew ?

Yesterday I saw her again
She didnít look the same
From the time that I left her
And I could tell just from the look on her face
She seems so much happier now, and Iím glad sheís doing better

Does she know I still keep photographs of her
Sometimes I just pretend sheís still here

( chorus )
What if she knew ? What would she do ?
Would she give this man a second chance to prove
What if itís true ? What would I do ?
I donít wanna break her heart again
Iíll never know the truth
what if she knew ?

How I wish I know what she thinks of me
If she lets me see through the pain and the heartache
And I donít expect her to understand
That Iím just a man with such a big mistake

Cause I never ever tried to do her right, now
Hope sheíll never come back by my side

( repeat chorus )

Even if I could read your mind now
Would it make a difference any how
Cause the last thing I wanna do is to see you... cry again
I donít wanna see you in pain

( repeat chorus )

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