Juliet The Orange

A Tangible Kind of Thing

You walked in as I blistered my skin
You walked in as I needed something credible
Laughable is what you are
Misery, misery
Odyssey Goddess Sanctuary, sanctuary
Do you know that you lit up a spark ?
Scented candles and fireworks beyond this dream
Heavenly is what you are
Bury me, bury me
Deep in your suitcase
Conciously, conciously

( 1 )
This is what we call
A tangible kind of thing
You know what I mean
This is what we call
A love that's merged with reality
I'll walk right into your dreams
Into your dreams
Drab, baby now we're so far apart
Letters and phone calls
Die beneath my sacred lips Aeroplanes
I only wish that I had wings
Feathered or gauzy I really don't care
Fly with me, fly with me

( repeat 1 )

Carry a picture of me
When you're high in the sky
Let me be the one who haunts your plea
Don't look back no more
Remember whose heart you're for
Let me be the one who haunts your plea

( repeat 1 )

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