Juliana Banos

Fool To Believe

You used to call me your baby not so long ago
I used to love you my baby more than you know
I used to think you're everything worth living for
But you took the thought away from me
I thought that you were my friend right till the end
I thought that you were my lover but you had another
I gave you all of my heart and my world
Now i know it's not enough for you
And i can't believe it's true that it's you
Who broke my heart

Cause i thought you were the one
But everything's said and done
I finally understand that you're not my man
Was a fool to believe... build our own family
Or maybe it's you who lost in the end

You wanted to show me the world
Show me the world
Give me diamonds and pearls... anything for your girl
I'd break your fall every time you should call
So i guess that it's your loss after all
Though i can't deny i wish i would stay
If i had my way

How wrong could a girl like me be
To think that someone like you will see
We were made for each other
And we should be happy together
Cause my love will last forever

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