Juliana Banos

Don't Wanna Be

After all that we've been through
Boy, i do have to tell you once again
You don't have to prove that you're the man
By buying everything
Cause you're more than welcome to
Do all the things you wanna do to me
Just as long you don't start to believe
That i'm just your property
Cause i've said it time and time again
Oh when will you ever understand

( 2 )
I don't neeed your diamond rings no
I don't wanna be like that
Just need your loving every morning
No less than the night before that

I don't care how much you make
Cause even if you had no bank account
Come rain or shine i'd still be down
I'll be down with you
Now you know just what it takes
So give me loving every day and night
24-7 i'll be alright
If you make it worth my while
I don't care about the things that people say
You can't buy love with your money

( repeat 2 )

You can buy me flowers every hour
But materials don't really matter
Just as long as we're here together
You should know better
I'm worth more than that

Buy me flowers every hour
Don't you ever be like that
Spend all your money on me baby
Don't you ever be like that
Impress the ladies with your mercedes
Don't you ever be like that
There's no attraction to your mansion
Don't you ever think like that

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