Juliana Banos

Come Running Back

It's a quarter past eleven
I'm looking for some action
I thought that it's too late
But then you called me up and said

Don't you wanna be with me
I'm to tired of watching tv
Are you looking for some action
Cause I've got a suggestion
Why don't you leave your girlfriends behind
Why don't you leave them there
Maybe I will... I will

( chorus )
Just when you thought the night was over
When you think our time is through
Just when you thought the night was over
I will come running to you

It wasn't my intention
To keep you hanging on
Just needed some attention
When I called you up and I said

I'm gonna give you some time
To straighten out things in your mind
Even if it hurts don't bother
Take time off from each other
But even if I had someone new
I'll come running back to you
All you have to do is say
And I'll be one my way

I would sacrifice my everything
Change almost anything
There's nothing in the world
I wouldn't do... for you

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