GT Boyz

Show Me The Way

Show me the way to make you feel right
Never hesitate to give me some room for me
Show me the way into your heart tonight
And I'll be there for you my love... girl anytime

So many time it seems through thick and thin we've been
Bumping around messing around almost have called it quits... (but love)
Is always on top of it all thicker and stronger we go
Coz we make a vow to show us how... we're made for one another
You know how much I care for all the things you are
I'm so devoted to you

If you just close your eyes and maybe realize
Running around loosing around
Leaving our cares behind (but life) full or uncertainties
Stress in big quantities we make mistake loosing our faith
But baby never to late...
If we just focus to live and love we will conquer the pain
And have everything to gain...

If you care... if you aware, I'm pulling myself alone
If you dare... love is share, sentimental groove baby
Deep inside my heart, it's just one name it's you
Baby... baby... baby... baby...

Come on baby just show me the way
You got to give me some direction once a while in the day
I can't do this alone, so leave me here on my own
You know it takes two together this lover thing going on
You can trust me girl in this crazy world
You know that no one else but me that can give love before

Yeah... oh so baby baby don't you give it a doubt cause
All the love I feel for you just wanna make me go shout... ohh !

If we focus to live and love
We conquer the pain and have everything to gain...

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