Ferhad (Ferhad & Izham / Ferhad)

Higher Deeper

Hey you, what to do
What the world you know comes down on you
You'll feel vile, you hate you
You're loosing your youth
You're loosing your chi

Hey you, keep it cool
Life isn't what you plan but choose
So take time to know you
And just a little of life comes shining through

( prechorus )
With just a little hope
The pain you'll cope
Lay truth to your lies
And life woll explode... mmm
Fill you up with bliss

( chorus )
Be... higher than mountains
Feel... deeper than seas
Open your eyes and see all the love that you'll feel
Be... higher than mountains
Feel... deeper than seas
Be all that you want
Don't be all that you need

Hey you, life could be
Whatever you want
Wherever it leads
To something someone somewhere
That makes you see
How life should be
Shine your light on those a little low in life and may be
You'll get a little more of love back in your life
More than your heart could give or feel

So take a piece of advice
That I've given to you
Change over your lives
Let it come right thru
Hey now change now right now baby somehow

( repeat chorus)
Whatever you want
Wherever it leads

( bridge )
There's always something I've wanting to say
I hope it's not too late
Just lead your life in
Ways that lets you live free
I know you'll agree

Ke Halaman Utama

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