Dayang Nurfaizah

Walk Away

How can I start to say ?
The pain I feel this very day
Got your letter in the mail
you wrote that our love has failed
Said you needed space to see
the person that you're meant to be
And it means excluding me
then maybe you're got to be free

All you said was how
I'm never there when you need me around
I never see the sorrow you feel
So baby now I'm telling you

( chorus )
You can walk away
I won't say a single word to make you stay
No I won't cry, won't ask the reason why
Why you ever said goodbye
But baby you will never know
How much I really love you so
It won't be easy lettin' go
I'll lead my life
But you won't see the tears I shed inside

Walk around this house
So confused I feel so lost
Picturing the memories of how things used to be
Sometimes I wondered why, I let you love me
You made me cry
How could the sweetest soul turn around
And act this cold

( bridge )
If all you need was someone to be here
I was there for you
I'll be the one that you need
Don't walk away
Please stay

( repeat chorus and fade )

Sumbangan Lynn Sheikh Mokhsin

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