I`m not angry with life
I`m just bewildered
Chains of uncertainty
Are holding me down

Where am i to go
Who am i to blame
What am i to do
God, am i insane?

I never thought that my innocence
Would stray me away from reality

I never thought that my life
Would resolved to emptiness

I never thought that in order to live
I have to bear so much pain

The sorrow of life has taught me
To accept many new beginnings

To smile even though hurts
To reach out even if there`s no one there
To aim high and never say die
Cause there`s always sun at the end of the night

Memories... tortured by my own
Memories... trapped in my own

If your eyes are full to the brim
The teardrop are sure to fall down
For whom the eyes may starve tomorrow
Where it get lost, the tears, that i had
Keep hidden in my... chorus

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