Cromok (Miji & Sam / Sam)


Aimless soul where were you now
For the angels come by the dawn

I walked the earth don`t tell me how
For a new hope soon to be born

There`s a life and time i know
I said farewell to myself
Before i go

Farewell to my loneliness
Farewell to my happiness
Farewell to our trouble

I`m above me

Here we have to let it go
And leave it all behind
Our suferings will end

Nothing can stop me now
What may come and go

Hope we stay toghether
We can say
Our mind were lost
Searching for the answer of the pray
When will we see ourselves again

Maybe in another world i find you
I`ll take my hand
Each time i see you cry

I said
Farewell to my misery
Farewell to your history
Farewell to our trouble

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