Climb up a pole like you're told
Reach the pinnavle top
Ever rose right up high
Like i'm supposed to obey
It's a miracle why ?
I haven't shown all my stripes

Hey... when i think i cannot sleep
Get up-raged i face defeat
When i lost it all somehow

When i think of it ( 4X )
Huh !...

Fill your own waste go away never ever look back
Before i spit in your face
Would your agree that the strong go eventually weak
Once they've reached out a peak...

Hey... when i think i cannot leave
Pay off stashed in memories
When i get it all one day

When i think i hate ( 4X )
Huh !...

Never felt so desgraced... graced (Second Vocal)
Anecdote of complains... plains (Second Vocal)
Know that you've been a pain... pain (Second Vocal)
Cause all the sides are the same... saammeee

Hey when i think i cannot feel
Killing all my enemies
If i set it off somehow

The i'll thinking of it ( 5X )

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