Mermaids ( fair-god & stone faces )

Taking and making god is everything
Of all these mistakes we can only live
Lying beside you a massive differance
And i will it be that i still care for you

And i feel denied
All perished again
And all i ask for another day
Never could leave this pain i own


Never mistaking we can it change a thing
Suprise as almost no one knew my time
On the outside tide does it whisper at all
Or maybe it'll be forever till whenever now

Cause i feel denied
With someone you knew
It is the silence that makes the change in you
And i would like the life of you

It's hard to shake all this deadly sad to sea
I'll pray on you
Count on myself, don't sail... ahh...

Feeling denied

I'd rather search the stone of dead
Don't wanna face what i have here
If all the strange would be so true

Sting like an angel ( 5X )

Hooo... ooo...

Feeling denied

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